Though we like to hang around in cemeteries a lot, we're still a pretty lively
bunch.  Terror in the Dark is designed as a Halloween activity for middle
school, high school, and college students to provide alternative entertainment
during the Halloween season.  Our mission is to encourage and support youth
programs and education financially.

Terror in the Dark Haunted House is a non-profit organization.  Eighty
percent of profits raised by our events is contributed to children-related
programs in Rapid City, SD.  The rest is retained for the support of future
fund raisers.

Since 1998 Terror in the Dark has been a Halloween event teens and
grown-ups alike have looked forward to every year.  Founded by members
from the Black Hills Renaissance Society (BHRS), the original intention of the
haunted house was to gather funds for a
renaissance faire for the Black Hills Area.
Little did the members of BHRS know what a
hit and how much fun putting on the haunted
house would be.  

The first year of the haunted house was such a
success that members of BHRS sought out a new
and much bigger location to house the event.  In
1999 they departed the realms of the former Three Sisters clothing store in
Baken Park and decided to try the 12,000 square foot Soule Building at the
Central States Fairgrounds.  Through the years the haunt has gotten bigger
and better then ever and has enriched the lives of area youth who have grown
up volunteering for the house.  The number one goal of our group is to raise
money for kids charitable programs and a close second is to scare the living
yell out of all of our patrons each and every year. We take delight in doing
both and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

At the end of the year 2014 many of our board members retired, including
Laura Lee-Olson who was our president from 2008 to 2014.  She and the
other members will be greatly missed.  We are fortunate and so happy to have
an energetic group of new board members to carry on the scare with many
wild and exciting ideas!  Just the right mix of new and old blood is needed to
carry on the house and we like to think we've got the perfect combo. Our one
common interest in mind is making the Halloween season as much fun as
possible for kids and adults alike!
Who's Afraid of the Dark?
Who's Afraid of the Dark?
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