1.        Startling is the way to go.
In our postmodern era, people are desensitized. They know who Freddy and Jason are; Saw and The Devil's
Rejects show in theaters all over the world.  Setting and a spooky ambiance are important, but maniacs
jumping out at jittery crowds and loud noises are where the scares really are.  

2.        Scare and get out of there.
If you hang around for too long, your victims might not find you as scary, especially if they notice your
spooky-bat pompom earrings or the boogie hanging out of your nose.  It's a lot better to scare one victim and
immediately go on the prowl for another.  

3.        Use props to your advantage.
Also, make sure you're not going to break them. Test them out before you start scaring, then shake your
rattles or wield your (fake) meat cleaver.   

4.        Use your voice to your advantage.
Whether it's a chuckle or a shriek you want, make sure to warm up your voice. After a few hours, it's going to
start to give whether you think you can handle the job all night or not. Hard candy helps and we always have
some in the meeting room. Sing some energetic songs before you get scaring or hum quietly under your
breath (which is creepy by itself) in between victims. Then, go to town. Keep in mind that some roles do not
require any yelling at all.  

5.        Get into your character.
Try to encompass the room in which you are acting. Consider it your own domain. You will know you are doing
the job right if you start to feel a little adrenaline rush.   

6.        Drink water.
This is important. Drink as much water as you can as often as possible. We have bottled water and plenty of it
available in the meeting room at all times. A human body in a costume passed out along the path through the
haunt zone is a very different scare than a vibrant creep.  

7.        Have fun.
Don't take yourself too seriously. You're a freak, not a lawyer. Enjoy the high you get from making other
people pee their pants. This is the reason why most of us are here.  

8.        MOST IMPORTANT: Make a fool out of yourself.
You might feel stupid in the beginning, but people aren't coming to see cute little Julie who can play the piano
and likes to play soccer in her spare time. They want to see vampires, serial killers, mad scientists and the
like. Play it up; this is your chance to shine and be a monster for a while.

Now that you have read it all, simply click here to direct you to the volunteer forms. Fill out and either email to
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