Thank you for your willingness to give your time and talent to making Terror in the Dark
Haunted House a huge success.  Some of you have been with us for along time, while
some of you are brand new to the haunt. Regardless of your experience, we believe
you will find excitement, adventure and loads of fun awaiting you in Terror in the Dark.

Alittle background on the haunt. We are a non for profit organization focused on helping
organizations around our local community. And without you our volunteers, we wouldn't
be able to help so many in our area.

We try to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone.
With that said, lets review some of the responsibilities of volunteers.

*****ALL volunteers/staff are expected to follow confidentially guidelines.
Disclosing of events, layout, themes, props & ideas of the running/making of
the haunt is not acceptable. ***
Disclosing such information, will lead to volunteer termination.****

1) Follow thru with your commitments.
I cannot stress this enough. As stated several times, we are a success each year only
because of the wonderful volunteers that help us run it.  So this is so extremely
important!! From set up, build to scaring and tear down be accountable. Even if 1
person doesn't show, this causes issues for the event to run efficiently. We are more
than flexible on everyones schedule,
If you are an organization seeking a donation, be
aware of the requirements for that.
Tearing down is just as important as setting up. so
please be accountable. Thank you

2) Forms

3) Come prepared to work
Please come in appropriate clothes and shoes, gloves, jackets etc., You will get dirty
and dresses and sandals are NOT proper gear to where.

SET UP & CONSTRUCTION : October 14th-19th
Mom-Thurs 4 pm- close,
TEAR DOWN  NOV 1st & 2nd 4pm- till all packed up.

5) Be Prepared

First off be ready to have a blast. Volunteering at the haunt is super fun. We all become
a close family!!

Arrive on time. 4-430pm on scaring nights. In costume preferably, places call is
promptly at 645pm, doors open at 7pm and the scaring begins!!!

Eat something prior to scare nights, many times we will provide some food and
beverages. Bring a water bottle.

Bring dark gloves , wear dark clothes and a flashlight.

We will try to honor your requests as much as we can, but remember we cannot
succeed without all of you.