Terror in the Dark
Haunted House
Wants You!!

Terror in the Dark is looking for volunteers who have that special desire to scare the
YELL out of people.

We are quickly approaching this seasons haunted house.  Last year was a huge success
thanks to all of you who participated.  It was a huge undertaking and a little
overwhelming but it was great fun.

This year is even more exciting.  We have a great
floor layout with many ghoulish rooms.

We need plenty of volunteers. Details include construction, set-up, move-in,
costumes, props, manning/acting the house and tear-down and clean-up.  We realize six
hours is a large commitment from anyone so we're asking you to commit to what dates
and times work for you,  one night is better than none at all.

We have to warn you though
this event is soooo much fun you may not be able to stay away!  Please call so we can add
you to the roster.  Much of the work is done before we even open and volunteers are
needed for this as well.

To become a volunteer visit the "STEPS TO BECOMING AN  ACTIVE VOLUNTEER" Guide


Or for more information please CONTACT us.

Please don't wait to call us,
after all...

You haven't lived
'til you've been
scared to death!!