Charitable donations are determined by
the amount of work and time that is put
into helping at the haunt, from setup,
build, scaring and to tear down.

If you are a organization that is seeking
donations, please be aware of the criteria
that needs to be met in order to be
considered for a donation.

Since we are continuing that haunt under
new direction and board, we have
decided that each year we will choose
some new charities to donate to.

We may continue to donate to several
from the past, but we feel that we would
like to reach out into the community more
and give to other charities also.

Each year that haunt runs differently and
each year we do not know what it will
bring in or what issues we may face.
Since we are a non profit organization, we
do have bills and other local companies
that have to be paid first. Cant have much
of a haunt without advertising and even
trash collection.

So please be patient if you are one of our
chosen charities.
We will strive to give as much as we can
within a certain time frame.

Thank you very much for your assistance
in making each years haunt a success!!

Terror in the Dark Board.
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