Terror in
the Dark
  Terror in the Dark has been running since 1998, under a few board memebers. As of 2015
a new board took over the task of continuing this wonderful attration to keep it going for many
years to come.

  Terror in the Dark is a non for profit haunted attraction designed as a Halloween activity for
middle school, high school, college and adults of all ages.
It is to provide an alternative entertainement durig the Halloween season.

   Our mission is to provide a fun local event that in turn helps the local community through
charitable donations. And what better way to bring a community together than a fun attraction.
  Much of the monies earned from the event is in turn donated to several youth organizations
and community outreach programs. Some of the profits does turn around back into the
organization to help maintain it every year.

  Since 1998 Terror in the Dark has been a halloween event for teens and grown ups alike.
Many look forward to this event every year and cant wait for the next year to come.

  Founded orignally by memebers from the Black Hills Renaissance society, the orginal
intention of the haunt was to gather funds for a renaissance faire for the Black Hills area.
Little did the members of BHRS knew what a hit it would become and how much fun putting on
the haunted house would be.

  The first year of the haunted house was such a success that the members of BHRS sought
out a new and much bigger location to house the event.
  IN 1999 they departed the realms of the former Three Sisters clothing store in Baken Park
and decided to try the 12.000 sq. ft Soule building located at the Central States Fairgroumds
in Rapid City.

  Through the years the haunt has gotten bigger and better than ever and has enriched the
lives of area youth who have grown up volunteering at the haunt.
  The haunt has become more than an attraction, It has become more of an ever growing
family. There has been many who have moved from this area , but to much of our surprise
many of those will even return just to continue participating in the annual event.

  The number one goal of our group is to raise money for youth charitable programs and
organizations .Also to show many teens that there is a safe and alternative event for a
holiday. We believe it also instills great work and commitment skills.

  As the new owners and board of Terror in the Dark, we are thrilled to see what new ideas
we come up with. We are looking forward to each new year. We thoughly enjoy bringing a
safe and fun event to the Black Hills area. See everyone soon for a frightening good time.